How to Claim Tax Relief for your Research and Development Company

14 Mar

To encourage businesses to invest in their research and development (R & D) sector, the government has introduced certain tax credits. The purpose of tax relief is to encourage corporations to pioneer ground-breaking innovations. Several aspects will determine whether your business qualify for tax credits.

You should ensure that the work that your company does is eligible for tax credit. If you have set a budget that covers new products and services or you are continually improving existing products, you are qualified for tax relief. For you to be a beneficiary of the tax relief program make sure that your company is heavily involved in innovative projects in science and technology. You must be continuously investing in your research project to advance in that field. You will have to explain how the discovery of your new product or service will improve your overall area.

You should be aware different types of relief are given to diverse companies. You must inquire which category applies to your enterprise. The relief given will significantly depend on the number of employees you have and your annual turnover. The greater the annual earning you have, the higher the relief available for your company. You must find out whether you can claim any tax credit if your company makes losses. 

You can claim your R and D tax credit if you have documented proof of your past innovations in previous years. It will also be of great value to your business to have evidence of the current research you have made to improve the science and technology sector. The documentation must include the payment structure of the employees who worked in the R & D sector. It should also clearly detail the supplies that were made use of in the research activities. For instance, the prototypes and the tools used to conduct the experiments. The files must also show any outside contractors who participated in the research.  Check out GrantTree  to find the best services.

You must know the specific claim you qualify for. You should aim to claim as much tax relief as possible, which will reduce the overall tax payable. You must hire an R & D tax expert to help you know what costs you can or cannot claim for. Costs such as; direct staff salaries, externally provided workers, clinical trial volunteers and any other contributions to independent research. The expert you contract should not only be reliable but also be able to help you to claim for such costs.. Ensure that you work with an R & D tax professional that is experienced in the field to enable you get the best services.

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